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I used to think I wasn’t the kind of person who could learn to embrace change. I’m open to trying new things once in a while, but at my core, I’m a creature of habit. I freak out when I have to order something other than my usual at a coffee shop or restaurant because my usual is unavailable. So you can imagine how I felt when my world was turned upside down in May 2015.

You all know that I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder. But what you may not know is that diagnosis came after a botched suicide attempt. Things were rough for a while, but I’ve come quite a long way since then, thanks to my mother Tinna Bonifacio, my therapists, and the friends who stood by me through it all.

But while things may be looking up in certain areas of my life, I truthfully can’t say the same of my career. When I found out about some changes that had been made as a result of what happened to me, I was devastated. Essentially, I was told it was time for me to move on.

Being unable to embrace change comes from a major fear of the unknown. When you're faced with change, you doesn’t know what else could happen, and that's extremely scary. I wasn’t comfortable with all the changes because I didn’t know how to handle them. It took a long conversation with Tim Macardle, one of my best friends, to make me realize that not knowing what to do isn’t so bad.

For the first time in a very long time, I was free. I could look at my new-found freedom as a loss, or I could embrace the opportunity to expand my horizons. I chose the latter, and Jules Explains it All was born. I've been told time and again that I should go into blogging. I made a few half-hearted attempts to do so in the past, but now I’m going to take it more seriously. I’ll continue to write about showbiz, but my approach from here on out will be different compared to the work I did before. 

I also have other projects in the pipeline, including my very own YouTube channel, which will be the main platform for #FreeJulianMauricio. I know you’ve been hearing a lot about that and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

However, I'll always be very grateful to ABS-CBN Publishing and to its President, Sir Ernie Lopez. The former was my entry point into the industry and the latter has been—and continues to be—very helpful, kind and supportive throughout my recovery. But it’s high time I moved forward. A lot of things have changed, and for someone who used to be afraid of change, I think I’m doing pretty well at coping with it.

To everyone who’s reading this, when your world falls out from under you, don't think of it as a tragedy. Instead, learn to think of it as an opportunity to rebuild your world as you see fit, so you can become the butterfly you were meant to be.

I named my blog Jules Explains it All in honor of the Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains it All, which was one of my favorites back in the day. Before she was Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart played Clarissa Darling, the main character, from 1991 to 1994. I didn’t get to watch the show until cable TV finally arrived on Philippine shores in the late 1990s, but when I did, it was love at first sight. Watch this and hopefully you'll see why I loved it so much:

I liked the character of Clarissa because she was fun, funky and free-spirited. OK, so she was a little bit of a drama queen, but no one ever took that against her because she was really smart to boot. As the show progressed, Clarissa developed an interest in journalism and even became the editor-in-chief (EIC) of her school newspaper. Basically, I admired her because she was everything I wanted to be but couldn’t.

I was barely in my teens at the time I started watching the show, so I was still figuring out who I was and I had a lot of insecurities to boot. Watching Clarissa unabashedly march to the beat of her own drummer inspired me to try and do the same. I wouldn’t really develop the chutzpah to emulate her until later in life, but you can say that Clarissa Explains it All planted the seeds of self-confidence in me.

On the show, Clarissa broke the fourth wall—turn to the camera and address the audience directly—to explain what was going on in her world. She talked about the concerns of a typical teenage girl, such as boys, school, pimples and finding one’s place in the world. I decided to name my blog Jules Explains it All because I wanted to do the same. I’ll be blogging about my world and the things that interest me, like books, celebrities, movies, music and television.

As Clarissa herself might say, "And that's the 411."

Classic Nick Promo (Early 90's) - Clarissa Explains It All video courtesy of this YouTube channel.
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