A problem in the Pacific

I found this on the Pacific Mall's official Facebook page, located at https://www.facebook.com/pacificmall.legazpi.
I woke up this morning ready and raring to write about the Lucky Big 4’s mall show in Legaspi and the brouhaha that erupted after. But I have to admit that my excitement faded somewhat when I sat down at my laptop, opened Twitter and caught up on what everyone said while I was asleep. I was horrified. The issue has gotten so out of control that even my tweets about a personal problem were misinterpreted as being about it.

Anyway, there’s so much misunderstanding going around that I feel compelled to sort things out in writing. That’s what I do. I write to make sense of my world and things that happen around me. So here goes.

Last night, the Lucky Big 4 performed for a huge crowd at the Pacific Mall in Legaspi. When I saw the RESPECT MAYMAY ENTRATA tagline on the Philippines Trends list, I got concerned. I posted a series of tweets using the tagline, in the hope that the MayWard fans would notice them and tell me what was going on. Eventually one of them messaged me, and we got to talking about the show. Here’s what that fan told me:

I withheld the fan's name because he/she was afraid to be bashed.
I waited for a message from MayWard Official or Maymay Entrata Official, but none came. Then this morning, I was tagged in a post by a MayWard fan. I opened it and this is what I saw:

A MayWard fan named labglaizaredux tagged me in this post by MDaleBarber.
Based on the above messages—and on some of the tweets I received before I fell asleep last night—what really drew the MayWard fans’ ire was the way the host behaved towards Maymay, and that Kisses Delavin did nothing to help her. I don't know if all of them feel that way; maybe some just got mad at the host, some just got mad at Kisses, while others got mad at both.

I then got in touch with some of Kisses' fans and asked for their side of the story. They told me their official statement would suffice, so I’m going to leave it here:

I asked the Kisses Lovers OFC if they had anything else to add, they said this was it.
Here's my take on what happened:

I agree that the host could've done a better job. For one thing, he should've talked to all four teens when they were all onstage together. Even if one of them was standing apart from the others, the host should've made more of an effort to include him or her in the interview. That's what any host worth their salt would've done. Case in point: Recently, I attended a press conference for Gimme 5's new album Sophomore at ABS-CBN. The presscon was hosted by DJ Jhaiho, and he made sure that each member of Gimme 5—Brace Arquiza, Grae Fernandez, Joaquin "Red" Reyes, John Bermundo and Nash Aguas—had a turn to speak. Sometimes, even if a question was put to only one member, DJ Jhaiho would ask another member for their two cents. He wanted to be sure none of them would feel left out. How's that for responsible hosting? As a host, it's your job to make sure all your guests are actively participating in your show. Call their attention if you must.

The host also would've done well to avoid using his spiels to force a moment between two teens in particular. Even if his intention was simply to get Kisses to teach Edward some Bicolano words, her saying "I love you" in Bicolano while facing him could be misconstrued as a romantic gesture on her part. I understand why the host thought that was a good idea—pampakilig ng tao, ganun. But if he knew anything about the Pinoy Big Brother franchise and the fandom, he wouldn't have done such a thing. He would've known that that would put Kisses at risk of bashing. Clearly, he wasn't aware of the possible consequences of his actions.

Had the show featured only Edward and Kisses, or Edward and Maymay, or even Kisses and Yong, it would've been fine to create a moment between the two teens present. But it was a show featuring the Lucky Big 4. The host should've focused on creating moments involving all of them, not just two or three.

I wish the host had made more of an effort to include Maymay. She is the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7, after all. I remember when I was in Legaspi for a mall show featuring Ejay Falcon, Nicole Uysiuseng and Robi Domingo (the final three of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus) the host made sure to talk to all three of them when they went onstage together. (That was in 2008, and the venue of the show was the LCC Mall on Penaranda Street.)

As for Kisses, I don't think it's fair to blame her for the host's failings. Her friendship with Maymay notwithstanding, it can be difficult to think clearly when you're onstage and you have a job to do. There's a lot going on up there. Why do you think even supposedly smart women buckle during the Q&A portions of beauty pageants? When you're bathed in klieg lights with people's screams ringing in your ears, sometimes it's all you can do to focus on what you're supposed to be doing, let alone think of other people. That doesn't make you an evil person. In Kisses' case, she was preoccupied because the host was asking her questions and she was obliged to respond. That doesn't make her less of a friend to Maymay.

TL;DR - I wish the host had handled the program better but it wasn't Kisses' fault. If you're looking for someone to blame, blame the host. But please, avoid ad hominem attacks. Point out the man's lapses as a host and leave it at that.

I also want to say something in defense of Kisses' parents. Please don't accuse them of instructing the host to give their daughter preferential treatment at Maymay's expense. Not without concrete proof. And no, a blurry photo of Kisses' mother talking to the host doesn't count as proof.

Lastly, I'd like to remind everyone not to be so vitriolic online. Your idols are friends. In fact, I'll have you know that when I saw them last Tuesday, Kisses and Maymay greeted each other warmly when Maymay arrived at the Star Magic Workshops office. OK na OK sila, so I wish their fans wouldn't hurl invectives at each other, regardless of the circumstances.

ETA: I was tagged in yet another post about this issue an hour or so ago. Here's what it said:

Another fan, who goes by the name toshithub, sent me this.
Again, my thoughts:

Comparing what happened with Bailey May, Franco Rodriguez and Ylona Garcia to what happened with Edward and Kisses is like comparing apples and oranges. They're totally different things. Even if both shows were hosted by the same guy, the circumstances aren't the same. Like it or not, kapag si Kisses ang nagbitaw ng salitang "I love you" kay Edward, kahit pa nasa konteksto ng pagtuturo ng salitang Bicolano sa kanya, iba pa rin ang magiging dating nun. Again, it can be misconstrued as a romantic gesture. That's why that was such a big deal. Besides, this time, if this person's account is to be believed, the host instructed Kisses to teach Edward. Not Edward and Yong, ha. Just Edward. Before, the host reportedly instructed Franco to teach both Bailey and Ylona. See the distinction?

As for the "ang hindi umupo, unggoy" thing, saying that the host said that to get people to sit down is kind of a weak defense, IMO. Why not simply ask people to sit down so those in the back could see? He didn’t have to talk to them that way, did he? I saw a tweet defending the host that said the "unggoy" thing was just a joke. Well, there are jokes and then there are unnecessary jokes. The host could've told people to sit down in a nicer, equally effective way. As a host, you have to watch what you do and say onstage. Anyone who has hosted anything, be it an event or a TV show, knows that you can’t just blurt out whatever you want when you’re up there.

I still believe the host could’ve done a better job. It's his responsibility to make sure that whatever it is he's hosting goes well. He has to be masterful about it (now you know why a host is sometimes called a "master of ceremonies"). He can't afford to be off his game because everything about the show, including the behavior of the guests and the flow of the program, depends on him.

Lastly, I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't employ ad hominem attacks against the show's host. I stuck to criticizing his work, not who he is as a person.

This is the first and last time I'll update this post, because I said everything I wanted to say. Peace.


The old Julian can't come to the phone right now.


  1. Sana Sir Julian maintindihan nila..kasi sobrang below the belt po talaga mga tweets nila against Kisses..I know God is watching and just leave everything to Him.
    Thank u sir.

  2. Yeah God is watching..

  3. Sobrang demanding ng MW fans.. most of the shows favor n nga s inyo khit nung lucky suns plang sila.. Kisses is the 2nd one but unfortunately dhil s BaLiw song promote ng PBB nbliwala cy. Sa showtime, sa ASAP anung ginawa nila, taga palakpak lang c Kisses for them which is not fair enough lalo nat their stil on the contest.. dahil sinasabi ng fans ng MW kc walang talent kya gnun lang ang role nya - how pathetic.. Maybe, d reasons kya khit gaano katalino at kaganda ni Kisses ay nwwlan cy ng self confidence ay dahil s napanghusgang taong katulad nyo. Try to view all the videos or maybe star magic has it at dun nyo mkikita n di c Kisses ang dumikit kay Edward kundi c Edward ang sumingit sa gitna nila Kisses and Yong. From the start mkikita nman na malayo tlga c Maymay from others on which dpat cy ang nag adjust pero maybe she also expecting Edward to be placed beside her n hindi nangyri.. It can be a big fault of the Host but also, Maymay should make the move first kc lam nman niya na iinterviewhin sila..

    1. You know why this war won't end because both sides are bullish as to who's to blame. It was always a "he said, she said" sort of thing. I love maymay and kisses but I abhor a lot of kisses fans especially those pushing Kissward. It's not because I am possesive of Edward but because KW was founded bec pangit daw si MayMay. I am a silent fan but kept on voting fot Maymay during the finale and statements hurled towards her are hurtful. And just as you are going to fight for Kisses, there are also so many of us willing to do the same for Maymay.

      Some MW fans are below the belt but you can say the same from your fandom. Nakakapagod lang. Dapat paghiwalayin nalang silang dalawa. I just want to support my idol peacefully and I think you want to do just the same.

  4. i think it's not being demanding! like what sir Julian said,the host should have treated Maymay nicely and fairly after all it's big 4's event not big 3 and she's the Big Winner for God's sake..she should not be left out from the conversation and as a professional host you should not make someone feel left-out in front of many crowds especially if you're a public figure such as them whether you're as big as Kathniel or just starting in showbiz like them..It's always easier said than done but if it happens to Kisses or even all of us in a simple gathering, then you will say that it really hurts..

  5. The worst fandom ever,next time kisses kay maymay ka tumingin pg iniinterview ka ng host yun yung respect sa knila,yung isa nmn pa ViP ang luwag ng stage wla ba syang pAa para lumpit dapat pla binigyn nyo sya ng upua. Sa pinakgitna para wala masabi mga fans nya sobra sa pagka OA dyuskoo

  6. There's a full video in youtube....when you see first time the host called all 4 names it is Maymay who was not attentive to the host.....their names were all called but Maymay did not go near.....I am not so sure why .... maybe it was misinterpreted lang pero makikita mo talaga sa video

  7. we felt something different talaga simula pa lang sa pagdating! More pics na pinapakalat with Edward and kisses na kahit di naman real na nagkatabi lng. Someone is trying to ruin the MAYWARD Loveteam which sa areangements palang may nagiinstruct n. Imposible na PBB yun kc alam nila ang LT pero wala sila nagawa kc yung event organizer ang nagsabi. I don't think walang alam ang mommy nya!

  8. It's not all about maymay!! Period! Respect begets respect!

  9. Kung Kay K ginawan Ng mga �� Ng kawalanghiyaan sa MTWI okey sa kanila noh?? Pero Ito host Ang may gawa si Kisses pa Rin hinahanapan Ng butas..mga gagong tanga! May Kanya Kanya tayong biases dahil magkaiba gusto natin so pakailaman nyo na Lang ung gusto nyo at wag guluhin Ang mga taong ayaw sa iniidolo nyo! Mga bwiseett Dami nyong reklamo!

  10. ilang taon na ba yung mga kasama ni Maymay kung umasta kayo kailangan ba yung mga teenagers pa.mag adjust hay naku onyok hahaha ngayon lang may fans na mga ganyan,16 pa lang si edward gusto nyo pakasal nyo na silang dalawa para sumaya na kayo :)

    1. Cge kaw n gumawa ikaw nkaisip ehh jajajaja natawa nman aquh sayo kasal tlga!!!��������ikaw nahhh bitter statement xia ohh������

  11. It was Edward himself who positioned himself between yong and kisses not anyone else. He transferred himself there instead of going closer to his LT. I am a casual viewer and from the pre photos posted before the live/vid I sensed it seemed may tampuhan ang MW. masyadong magbash ang team maymay/mayward ke Kisses super bastos ng mga bunganga nila. Bakit ibunton ke kisses un disappointment nila. Mas enjoy iwatch si Yong and Kisses happy Lang walang kiyeme. Kun ano man tampuhan Ng MW pede ba wag idamay si Kisses. At pede sabihan si Edward na hwag na syang lapit lapit ke kisses which kitang kita sa mga photos and vids. GinagawA naman nila escapegoat si kisses sa mga issues nila ah. Salamat and please spread love. God bless sa lahat.

    1. Kahit anong paliwanag mo sa mga yan sarado utak nila,hahanap at hahanap pa rin sila.ng mali ky kisses,

  12. Thank you for this blog, sana katulad mo magisip ang iba, kaso sarado isip eh, bash lng ng bash, death threats and everything to let Kisses and Maymay down (lalo na c Kisses na sinisisi nila), basta may masisi lng . . . instead of helping the two artist. It would be great na may masampulan, na sana Kisses camp will file legal action for those na dapat kasohan . . . sana, para hindi lngkay Kisses and sa other artist na din

  13. Thank you Sir Julian for being objective about this whole thing. I was a KissMay fan and it's true that the host's lapses ignited this issue. Truth is, this is the very first time that I watched PBB. I watched it since Day 1. I personally liked Kisses because I was amazed by her when she hosted the Swerteen Ball. She was very poised and she looked intelligent. I was betting on her but then I started noticing her inconsistencies. As I continue to watch PBB, my interest shifted to Maymay because she can be real as you can get. No pretensions. So, the two of them became my favorites. But I think what really made me bet for MAYMAY eventually is simply because of solid Kisses' fans who mocked Maymay's appearance. Yes, Kisses is a beauty queen and it's given that she's beautiful as per Pinoy's standards anyway. But that doesn't give them the right to constantly mock at MM (I personally find her beautiful BTW because she's a pure pinay beauty). What irked me more was when Kisses' fandom accused Maymay's fandom of causing the death of a Kisses fan. What made this worse is that it was spread my Kisses' cousin. Most of MW fans supported Kisses during padaluck days because she was the BFF of MM and even voted for her when she's being nominated but everything went down hill when they started mocking MM and started shipping KW. The death issue of a certain Nica Mallari who was supposedly a Kisses fan erupted and put MW in the dark spot led by Kisses' cousin. This issue was later discovered as a hoax which made the MW furious even more. So, I don't understand why Kisses' fans are claiming to be saints when in fact they are the ones who started this fandom war in the first place. They always claim to be the victims but if you are to go back to history, that will tell you otherwise. Most of he MW fans learned their lesson not to keep mum about any issues created by no other than Kisses' fans. So I guess you can't blame them if they defend MAYMAY and Edward and can't help but get loud. Just a silent fan's observation.