Learn to fly

Due to insistent public demand, Vivoree Esclito was invited to perform for One Music PH.
“If you’re told that you’re a talentless piece of shit for long enough, then that’s what you believe.” — Victoria Beckham

When I heard that Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 ex-teen housemate Vivoree Esclito would be doing a live stream for One Music PH, I was excited. As anyone who follows me on social media knows, I’ve been a huge fan of her voice since I first listened to “Kaya Pa” on Spotify Philippines. Since then I’ve been eager to hear more from the Go-getter Girl ng Bohol.

Something Vivoree said during #OneMusicExclusiveVivoree reminded me of my favorite quote from Victoria Beckham’s autobiography Learning to Fly. But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Vivoree opened the show with her rendition of the James Arthur original “Say You Won’t Let Go.” It made sense for Vivoree to do so, because the first video she ever uploaded to her YouTube channel was a cover of this UK No. 1 from the winner of The X Factor UK series nine. When I watched it, I was impressed. So were a lot of other people, apparently, because her video has since been viewed almost 800,000 times.

Vivoree had dreamed of becoming a YouTuber for the longest time. She set up her own channel on February 24, 2015, but for some reason didn’t start creating content for it until about a month ago. As Vivoree tells it, she was pleasantly surprised by the response to her videos (which by now include a handful of dance covers).

“I’ve always loved singing. Noon ko pa talaga gusto gumawa ng covers at mag-upload sa YouTube, pero hindi ko in-expect na ganito karami yung positive comments and views ng mga tao,” she said during the show.

Vivoree’s second song was “Tala” by Sarah Geronimo, whom she named as someone she’d like to collaborate with. She sang it well enough, save for a few bum notes here and there. For example, I noticed that her voice cracked at certain points whenever she hit the chorus. She can prevent that in future performances by learning muscle control and proper breathing.

She also needs to loosen up more. Right now, something about Vivoree as a performer reminds me of Carrie Underwood on American Idol season four. At the time, Carrie had yet to come out of her shell. Carrie had a fantastic voice, but most of her performances were a tad short on personality. Vivoree is like that. Going back to her performance of “Tala,” I would’ve wanted her to show off her moves during the dance breaks. But she didn’t. Maybe she was too nervous or shy to do so? If so, sayang.

I think the problem with Vivoree’s performance and vocal skills is a lack of experience and proper training. I love her tone, but she’s still so raw. That said, she has serious potential. It’s unfortunate that it seems like she doesn’t know how good she is, much less how much better she can be if she would just let go.

I think that’s because Vivoree was heavily bullied as a kid. I can certainly relate to that. When I was a kid, people also told me that I was talentless and ugly. Eventually I came to believe that, so to this day I struggle with low self-confidence. The same thing may have happened to Vivoree. She doesn’t know she’s awesome because she grew up surrounded by people who told her otherwise.

When asked how where she got the idea to write “Kaya Pa,” (which was also her third and final song for this live stream) she opened up about that time in her life.

“Sinulat ko siya habang nasa loob pa ako ng bahay ni Kuya,” Vivoree says of the song. “Ang idea kasi nung song is nung bata ako, nabubully ako kasi sobrang balbon ko. But as I grew up, na-realize ko na I don’t have to think of what people will say about me. Oo, they will judge. But hindi ko na sila iniisip. I have my own life, they have theirs. Bahala na sila. Ginagawa ko na lang silang motivation para mag-strive hard.”

Vivoree needs to strive even harder to tune out the hurtful words she grew up hearing. She needs to stop believing that she's “a talentless piece of shit,” as Victoria Beckham put it in her book. Once Vivoree masters that, only then will she learn to fly.

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  1. Thank you Sir and hope you can talk to her and give this young, shy and talented girl your wisdom. I love Vivoree and Heaven, both are talented and heavily bashed on this PBB season.

  2. Thank u sir for this blogspot. When i saw Vivoree in PBB i always update her and i like attitude and personality. After i read this i love her so much. Esclito is a model and Good influence in new generation ..... I support her always...

  3. Well said.thank you for your honest review.i hope she will come out of her shell soon and she will be a big nice pearl.

  4. Thank you for your advise Julian. She needs to train harder. Her potential is off the charts, pero kailangan niya pang hasain yung mga God-given talent/skills niya. I particularly agree that she needs to learn proper breathing technique.

    For someone na walang training, she's doing extremely well and I'm excited for what the future will bring to her.

    Hoping for more feedback from you in the future.

    Thank you again, and God bless!

  5. Thank you sir...yes she is talented God gifted...proper training and supervising her is helpful...workshops is good to her..