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The OPPO F1 was on display at the launch. It comes in two colors, Gold and Rose Gold. Personally, I think I'd go for the latter. It reminds me of the Crayola crayon Carnation Pink, which was my favorite to color with as a kid. Hehe. #AlamNa
Last week, I attended the launch of the OPPO F1 smartphone at the TriNoma Activity Center. I was excited to finally get up close and personal with the phone billed as “the selfie expert." Up until that day I had only heard about this brand because of America’s Next Top Model, and since then I had been wondering if it was really as good as the show made it out to be. So when Laila Briones, Media Relations Manager of M2Comms PR Agency Philippines, invited me to the launch, I jumped at the chance. (Thank you for accommodating me, Ms. Laila!)

A different model, the OPPO N3, was featured heavily on the now-defunct modeling competition’s most recent cycle or season, which saw Nyle DiMarco from Washington, D.C., take the title. Not only did Nyle and his fellow modelstants use it to take great selfies, but the 23-year-old deaf individual also used the OPPO N3 to communicate with the rest of the cast by way of an app that converted text to speech.

A cute photo of Nyle and two other modelstants, including Cycle 22's eventual sixth-placer Dustin McNeer, was even flashed on an LED screen during the launch. I raised my digital camera to take a photo of it, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. Bummer. But it’s OK, because I found a longer video of them using the OPPO N3 to take selfies. Check it out below. I know they're not using the OPPO F1 in this video, but I think it's still worth watching because it shows how nice OPPO is as a brand.

The OPPO F1 looks to be just as impressive as the model featured on America’s Next Top Model. It has some unique capabilities that I, for one, have never seen on a smartphone before. According to the press release that was handed to members of the media at the launch, the OPPO F1’s front camera has 8 megapixels, an 84-degree wide angle lens with f/2.0 aperture, and a ¼-inch sensor that allows 40 percent more light to enter the camera than an f/2.4 aperture lens. Meanwhile, the rear camera has a 13-megapixel sensor, f/2.2 aperture lens and additional features.

Now, I’m not a professional photographer, so I don’t really know what all that means, but even with my limited knowledge of photography, it all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s as if the makers of the OPPO F1 found a way to fit a top-tier glam team in your smartphone. Case in point: with all the filters available on the OPPO F1, users can brighten their skin and remove blemishes. They can also use the phone’s display as a flash in low-light environments. To be honest, that was the one feature that made my ears perk up when I heard about it at the event. I hate having to move from place to place to find enough light to take a good selfie, so it's awesome that the makers of the OPPO F1 addressed that.

As you can see, the OPPO F1’s specs allow its owner to take great selfies that could win best photo on any season of America’s Next Top Model. If you’ve always dreamed of landing on the cover of a magazine or strutting your stuff on runways all over the globe, using this smartphone to take your selfies is the next best thing.

The OPPO F1 is priced at P11,990 and is available at OPPO concept stores and authorized dealers nationwide. I’m thinking about buying one, so I can get my smize on in a super way like Tyra Banks herself!

If, unlike me, you don't think America's Next Top Model isn't enough reason to get an OPPO phone, maybe the fact that our very own Popstar Princess endorses the F1 will seal the deal for you. Watch Sarah Geronimo's TVC for the OPPO F1 below. (She was supposed to perform at the launch but she got sick, so Princess of the ASAP Sessionistas filled in for her.)

Here are a few more photos from the launch at the TriNoma Activity Center:

Ms. Alora Guerrero, the Digital Marketing Manager for OPPO Philipines, explained why the OPPO F1 was dubbed "the selfie expert." She proved to be an expert herself, as she took a selfie with her team onstage. Her enthusiasm was cute!

Mr. Garrick  Hung, the Operations Manager for OPPO Philippines, gave a talk during the program, during which he revealed that the OPPO F1 will be available on Smart's All-in Plan 1200 and Sun Cellular's Best Value Plan 450.

The OPPO F1 is affordable for its specs. Even if you don't have a credit card, you can buy one at the rate of P1,299/month from February 19 to March 31, 2016, so visit an authorized dealer soonest! Ano, Popsters, push na yan, 'di ba? Haha!


The old Julian can't come to the phone right now.

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