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Matteo Guidicelli is Giancarlo de Luca on Dolce Amore. It's interesting to note that Matteo's real name is similar to his character's; it's Gianmatteo Fernan Guidicelli. His Italian heritage makes him the perfect choice for this role!
Before I sat down to write this, I was trying to remember when I met Dolce Amore star Matteo Guidicelli for the first time. It was either at the grand presscon of one of his earliest projects or in the pages of some teen magazine I used to read. Regardless, I feel privileged that I can call him a friend.

We used to talk often, especially when BlackBerry phones were all the rage. Matteo gave me his personal BlackBerry Messenger PIN, and whenever I needed his help, like if I was writing an article about him and needed him to clarify something, he was always just one message away. He also followed me on Twitter. I never found it hard to engage with him at all, even if he already had a huge following. He was and remains very down-to-earth.

I found this in my Gmail inbox. It's the e-mail notification Twitter sent me when Matteo followed me years ago, on November 20, 2011. Back then he was only following 104 people. Good thing I managed to save this somehow.
I know for a fact that even though Matteo and I don’t get to talk as much because he’s busier now, he still keeps up with my tweets. Last year, I went on Twitter to rant about my day maid. The next time I saw Matteo, he asked me if I had fired my day maid like I said I would. Not only that, but he also laughed with me while I retold the story of how said day maid misplaced our house keys so Mom and I were locked out one night till our landlord rescued us.

Anyway, I’m happy that my friend is back on the Primetime Bida block via Dolce Amore. I really think Matteo is perfect for the role of Giancarlo de Luca. Aside from the fact that he’s of Italian descent, it was always Matteo’s grandfather’s dream to see him to do a showbiz project in their motherland. Privately, Matteo didn’t think that was at all possible for him, so he was pleasantly surprised when this teleserye landed in his lap.

He now looks at Dolce Amore as a way to honor his grandfather’s memory. “Sabi ko, wow. Kasi I lost my lolo last year, and his dream for me was to do a film, in Italian, in Italy. Sabi ko, it’s not going to happen. Bakit naman gagawa ang ABS-CBN ng ganun. Pero ito na, and I’m very blessed because this project is very close to my heart. Astig siya, and I’m blessed to be working with everyone in it.”

Matteo and LizQuen at the Dolce Amore grand presscon. When asked if he prepared physically for his role as the best friend of Liza's character, Matteo joked, "Tinanggal ko yung facial hair ko lahat, so parang 18 years old ulit. And short hair na ulit."
Matteo has nothing but good words for his Dolce Amore co-stars, especially the LizQuen tandem. He’s known Enrique for a while, actually. One of Enrique’s aunts is friends with Matteo’s mother. However, they have yet to film any scenes together. As for Liza, Matteo says he likes working with her because they get along even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“Liza’s beautiful. Nakatrabaho ko na siya when she was seventeen. She’s eighteen now, and she’s very mature for her age. She makes her own decisions, and it’s very nice to see a woman like that, someone na very independent. Ang galing. Nakakatuwa siya kasi marami siyang talents na hindi alam ng mga tao. She likes to rap,” he shares, laughing.

I think Liza and Matteo get along because they have many things in common. For instance, beneath all the glitz and glamour, they’re just like everyone else. Liza can engage with anyone, and the same is true of Matteo. In fact, one of the things I like most about Matteo is that he treats those who work for him—like his driver and personal assistant—like family. I remember him telling me before that he would take them out for dinner and a movie or something whenever his schedule allowed. Didn't I tell you he's very down-to-earth?

Overall, Matteo is an engaging person, a trait that also expresses itself in his acting. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Giancarlo on Dolce Amore!

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Photos of Matteo (solo) and Matteo with LizQuen by Allan Sancon for Jules Explains it All.


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