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Liza Soberano is Serena Marchesa in the teleserye Dolce Amore. Of her return to the Primetime Bida block, Liza says, "I'm happy to be back and give the fans something to watch every night, pero kinakabahan din po ako."
Last night, Dolce Amore aired its pilot episode and the fans of the Liza Soberano-Enrique Gil tandem turned out in force to support it. According to Kantar Media, it earned a 35.6% rating, which is more than double that of its closest competitor. Props to Liza and Quen, and to their fans for being so supportive of their idols’ latest endeavor.

In keeping with the second episode of Dolce Amore, here’s the latest installment in what will be a five-part series of posts on the show. Tonight I shine the spotlight on Liza, so I can explain why I feel she deserves her current place in the showbiz firmament.

I first met Liza in 2013, when she was launched as part of that year’s Star Magic batch. She hardly bothered with makeup back then, but that wasn’t a problem. Hers was—and still is—the kind of face that’s stunning even without it. My first impression of her, personality-wise, was that she seemed more fragile compared to the other girls in her batch. But I soon discovered that behind what appeared to be a mild-mannered faรงade lay a quiet strength and quirky sense of humor.

I can’t pinpoint when Liza and I moved past being acquaintances and became actual friends. I do remember that we became closer after we hung out for a bit at Starbucks ABS-CBN one night. She was waiting for a ride home from her acting workshop, so I offered to keep her company. That was also when we had our first photo taken together. Check it out below.

It wasn’t hard to bond with her. She was easy to talk to and really sweet. More bonding moments and photos followed that one, but this remains my favorite:

I was feeling down a few days before that photo was taken, and I went on Twitter to vent. I posted a photo of a Marilyn Monroe quote, and Liza tweeted me when she saw it. Here’s what went down:

The next time I bumped into her, she comforted me and we posed for the photo that is now my favorite one of us together. It was then that I realized she had become a real pal. When I was in a bad place, she took time out to help me in her own small way. That’s why I say she deserves every bit of success she’s enjoying. Not only did she work hard for all of it, but she’s a really nice girl to boot. You know the saying, “it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person”? That’s certainly true in Liza’s case.

Dolce Amore is Liza's second teleserye with Enrique. "Masaya kami na lagi kami magkatrabaho, and it’s really good being with him because the foundation of our friendship is sobrang solid," she says of her onscreen partner.
At the Dolce Amore grand presscon, Liza was asked how she feels that ABS-CBN is building her up to be the next superstar, especially since she gets to work with veteran actresses like Cherie Gil and Rio Locsin in her latest TV project. (The former plays the mother of Liza’s character; the latter is Enrique’s adoptive mother in the show.)

Liza welcomes the opportunity to learn from the best, and she always put her best foot forward when in scenes with them. “Unang-una, sobra akong kinabahan kay Ms. Cherie. Kasi siyempre we all know that she’s a very, very good actress,” Liza says. “Puro Italian ang scenes namin, kaya na-intimidate ako, kasi ayoko naman na paulit-ulit kami dahil lang sa akin. Ayoko siya bigyan ng hard time, so I tried really hard na maaral yung mga Italian lines. Sobrang happy ako na at least nakakasama ko na ang mga veteran actors and actresses, and sobrang dami kong matututunan sa kanila. I’m just excited for the whole show to go on and on so I can learn more from them.”

Of her character Serena Marchesa, who is often described as a princess, Liza says this: “Actually, hindi naman talaga siya prinsesa. She’s just a girl who’s living a glamorous life. Ako, I never wished to be a princess, or to be anything more than what I actually am in real life. Gusto ko yung simple lang, but it’s nice to portray roles like this, para maiba lang. But for me in real life, I’d rather be ordinary.”

I can vouch for Liza’s desire to be ordinary, as she puts it. When she’s not taping or out at an event or something, she dresses nicely but simply. In fact, sometimes when I hang out with her, I forget that I’m in the presence of one of the Kapamilya network’s best and brightest. I think that’s part of Liza’s charm. In her desire to be ordinary, she becomes special. She doesn’t have to try too hard to be a star—she just is.

Thank you for the friendship, Liza, and I look forward to watching you continue to bring Serena to life on Dolce Amore!

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All photos (except Instagram posts and tweets) by Allan Sancon for Jules Explains it All.


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  1. Thank you for a heartwarming praise for our bbg. I really dont know her personally but I dont know why I like her so much and esp with Quen.
    Write ups like this gives us assurance that we are on the right track, and we chose the right people to idolize as actors!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, you did. Liza is an angel!

  2. Thank you sir for a good vibes write up. It feels good to be back on watching filipino soap that we can be proud of to share to our non filipino colleagues here abroad.

    1. Your welcome. Yes, spread the "sweet love" vibes over there! ;)